How Much Money Is Your Favorite Nonprofit Losing Every Day?

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You probably are involved with a nonprofit organization of some sort on a regular basis. This could be an educational institution, a religious center, or a local food pantry. Whatever it is, you care about this NPO and want to see them doing well…but do you know how much money your favorite not for profit (NFP) is losing daily? We aren’t talking about nickels and dimes, we are talking about tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars lost on a daily basis.

This isn’t your NPO’s fault. They are doing the best they can with the resources available to them, and up until now there hasn’t been a simple way for them to find out about all the great opportunities to reduce costs and increase effectiveness by partnering with businesses. But now, there is a place to go (Philanthropy Catalyst), and all they need is to hear about it! Can you tell your favorite NPO about us? We’d be mighty thankful, and we are betting your NPO will be too!

Be sure to encourage them to stop back regularly, as we are adding new offers all the time and we have hundreds more backed up we are working to enter right now.

Here are just a few of the offers we’ll be covering that could free up your favorite NPO’s finances:

  • CiviCRM – Robust, free, and open source management software for non-profit organizations.
  • Global Paint for Charity – Looks to paint or repaint your facilities? Global Paint offers huge amounts of paint for free (excluding S&H).
  • Novatech – If you live near a Novatech you should see if your non-profit qualifies for a free, fully refurbished black and white copier.
  • Panera Bread – Ever wonder what happens to all that left over food at the end of the day at so many restaurants and stores? If its at a Panera Bread you can bet they are giving it away to local non-profits!
  • OnTheGoSystems – If your non-profit works with WordPress, take a look at OnTheGoSystems, makers of the popular Toolset and WPML plugins for WordPress (they offer them free to non-profits).

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