What If We Could?

Photo of individuals letting lanterns float away in the night sky

Every day the news is filled with stories of sorrow:

The list goes on. It can be depressing and overwhelming and sometimes we feel so helpless to make a meaningful difference in this world. We are overwhelmed with our own struggles:

  • Children that are addicted to drugs.
  • Relationships that are fracturing.
  • Mortgage payments higher than we can afford.
  • Health problems that reduce our ability to function.
  • Jobs that demand too much of us.

We don’t have the energy or the resources to the change the world. But what if we did, what if we could?

When there is a tangible need, I so often see individuals and organizations ready to give what they have – but they don’t know how or where. A company here has excess inventory that could be used by a non-profit there – but how do they ever find each other?

Philanthropy Catalyst (PhilCata) is about creating the logistical fabric necessary to ensure that when a need arises, those who are willing to help can make the necessary connections with minimal complexity, stress, and cost. It is about ensuring that non-profit organizations (NPOs) doing great work are receiving the resources and assistance that individuals and organizations want to offer, so that those same NPOs can use their funds to do the most possible good.

Over the upcoming weeks we’ll be fleshing out what this looks like:

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Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

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